Estadio Monumental


* Address: Avenida Prolongación, Lima
* Country: Peru
* Capacity: 80,000
* Opened: 2 July 2000
* Main use: Football
* Tenants: Universitario de Deportes (football)

Extra stadium info – Estadio Monumental

The construction of the stadium, nicknamed Coloso de Ate, started in 1991. It opened in 2000 as the largest venue by capacity in Peru. The Estadio Monumental is used for several events, like concerts, football and religious events. The national football team of Peru played numerous matches at the stadium. Club Universitario de Deportes was founded in 1924. In 1974, they played their first-ever final of the Copa Libertadores, the South American championship for football clubs. In 1990, Club Universitario de Deportes became the first Peruvian football club with 20 top-flight league titles. Rivals Alianza Lima became the second Peruvian football club with 20 top division titles.

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