Estádio José do Rego Maciel


* Address: Avenida Beberibe, 1285, Recife
* Country: Brazil
* Capacity: 60,000
* Opened: 4 June 1972
* Main use: Football
* Tenants: Santa Cruz (football)

Extra stadium info – Estádio José do Rego Maciel

The venue is nicknamed Mundão do Arruda. The stadium’s record attendance was set in 1994, when 90,000 people showed up for a football match between Brazil and the Argentine Republic. Santa Cruz Futebol Clube use the venue for home games. Rivaldo Vítor Borba Ferreira is one of their famous former players. He played professional football for clubs in Brazil, Spain, the Italian Republic, the Hellenic Republic, Uzbekistan and Angola. In 2002, Rivaldo won the prestigious FIFA World Cup with Brazil after defeating Germany. In 2003, he won the UEFA Champions League with AC Milan after defeating Juventus.

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© Wikipedia: Jrnicolas

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