Estádio Brinco de Ouro da Princesa


* Address: Avenida Imperatriz Dona Teresa Cristina, 11, Campinas
* Country: Brazil
* Capacity: 29,000
* Opened: 31 May 1953
* Main use: Football
* Tenants: Guarani (football)

Extra stadium info – Estádio Brinco de Ouro da Princesa

The venue opened with a football match between Guarani and Palmeiras. The stadium’s record attendance was set in 1982, when 52,000 people showed up for a match between Guarani and Flamengo. Flamengo became the second South American sports club with 10 million followers on its main social media page. The club is among the first South American sports clubs with a value of $100 million. In 1981, Flamengo won the Toyota Cup after beating Liverpool Football Club in Japan in front of 62,000 spectators. The Toyota Cup is known as the former world championship for football clubs.

© Flickr: maxnigrorocha

© Flickr: maxnigrorocha

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