Estadio Presidente Juan Domingo Perón


* Address: Avellaneda
* Country: Argentine Republic
* Capacity: 61,000
* Opened: 3 September 1950
* Main use: Football
* Tenants: Racing Club (football)

Extra stadium info – Estadio Presidente Juan Domingo Perón

The stadium, nicknamed El Cilindro, hosts the home games of Racing Club. They won seven national championship titles in a row between 1913 and 1919. Racing Club won the Copa Libertadores, the South American championship for football clubs, in 1967 for the first time in their history. The same year, they won the tournament which ended as the Toyota Cup, the former world championship for football clubs. Racing Club and their arch-rivals Independiente became the first world champions in football from Avellaneda. Both clubs also became the first sports clubs from Avellaneda with 100,000 followers on their main social media page.

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© Flickr: jcbprodgraf

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