Memorial Stadium


* Address: 1 Avenue of Champions, Clemson
* Country: United States
* Capacity: 81,000
* Opened: 19 September 1942
* Main use: American football
* Tenants: Clemson Tigers (American football)

Extra stadium info – Memorial Stadium

The stadium, nicknamed Death Valley, opened in 1942 with a capacity of 20,000. The American football team of the Clemson Tigers perform at the highest level of intercollegiate American football in the United States. It became the first college sports team from South Carolina with 100,000 followers on its main social media page. In 1999, 86,000 people attended an American football match between the Tigers and the Florida State Seminoles at the Memorial Stadium. It became a record attendance for a home game of the Clemson Tigers.

© Flickr: Landon Owen

© Flickr: Landon Owen

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