SHI Stadium


* Address: 1 Scarlet Knight Way, Piscataway
* Country: United States
* Capacity: 52,000
* Opened: 3 September 1994
* Main use: American football, field lacrosse
* Tenants: Rutgers Scarlet Knights (American football, field lacrosse)

Extra stadium info – SHI Stadium

The construction costs of the venue, which opened as the Rutgers Stadium with a capacity of 41,000, were $28 million. The first-ever sports match at the stadium was an American football match between tenants Rutger Scarlet Knights and the Kent State Golden Flashes from Ohio. The Rutgers Scarlet Knights hosted the first-ever intercollegiate American football game in 1869.

© Danny Hom

© Flickr: Willy Mellott

© Flickr: Willy Mellott

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