Bill Snyder Family Stadium


* Address: 1800 College Avenue, Manhattan
* Country: United States
* Capacity: 50,000
* Opened: 21 September 1968
* Main use: American football
* Tenants: Kansas State Wildcats (American football)

Extra stadium info – Bill Snyder Family Stadium

The construction of the venue, which opened as the KSU Stadium, started in October 1967. In 1968, the stadium opened with a capacity of 35,000. The Bill Snyder Family Stadium is owned by the Kansas State University. It is named after the family of a former coach of the American football team of the Kansas State Wildcats. The American football team of the Kansas State Wildcats have been tenants of the Bill Snyder Family Stadium since 1968. They played numerous matches at the venue in front of attendances above 50,000.

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