Bryant-Denny Stadium


* Address: 920 Paul W. Bryant Drive, Tuscaloosa
* Country: United States
* Capacity: 101,000
* Opened: 28 September 1929
* Main use: American football
* Tenants: Alabama Crimson Tide (American football)

Extra stadium info – Bryant-Denny Stadium

The stadium construction of the venue started in 1928. It opened in 1929 as the Denny Stadium with a capacity of 18,000. The stadium is named after a former American football player and coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide. The American football team of the Alabama Crimson Tide played numerous matches at the Bryant-Denny Stadium with attendances above 100,000. It became the first American football team from Alabama with 1 million followers on its main social media page. The Alabama Crimson Tide have an intense rivalry with the Auburn Tigers.

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