Miami and its potential Major League Soccer stadium


David Beckham, the English football legend who won top-division titles with clubs in England, Spain, the United States and the French Republic, wants to start a Major League Soccer club in Miami. He received an option to own an expansion club at a discounted fee as part of the contract he signed with the top-flight football league of the United States when he joined the LA Galaxy in 2007. After four failed bids, Beckham will talk with the Miami city commission to present the latest plan for a football stadium in Miami. It is his fifth stadium attempt and the one furthest from the centre of Miami. David Beckham, who has a Major League Soccer club secured for years, has so far been unsuccessful in his effort to deliver a football stadium in Florida. The deal Beckham is proposing calls for the city to collect nearly $140 million in rent payments over 39 years. At present, it is not clear when the proposed football club from Miami could join the top division of the United States.


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