FIFA World Cup


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Winners of the world championship for national football teams

The prestigious FIFA World Cup is the world championship for national football teams. FIFA World Cup finals regularly became the most-watched sports event of the year, with hundreds of millions of viewers. The first edition of the football tournament took place in Uruguay in 1930. On 30 July 1930, the first-ever final of the FIFA World Cup took place in Montevideo. 68,000 people attended the game, which was won by Uruguay after defeating Argentina 4-2. In 1934, the second edition of the FIFA World Cup took place in Italy. The second edition of the tournament was also won by the host country. In 1938, Italy became the first national football team with two world championship titles after defeating Hungary. In 2010, the national football team of the Netherlands became the first team which featured in three FIFA World Cup finals without winning one.

National football team Football association FIFA World Cup titles First title
Brazil CBF 5 1958
Germany DFB 4 1954
Italy FIGC 4 1934
Argentina AFA 2 1978
France FFF 2 1998
Uruguay AUF 2 1930
England The FA 1 1966
Spain RFEF 1 2010