Hampden Park


* Address: Letherby Drive, Glasgow
* Country: United Kingdom
* Capacity: 51,000
* Opened: 31 October 1903
* Main use: Football
* Tenants: Queen’s Park (football)

Extra stadium info – Hampden Park

In 1937, the stadium’s record attendance of 149,000 was set in a match between the national football teams of Scotland and England. The famous Hampden Roar was first noticed in a football game between Scotland and England in 1929. Scotland, who had played the second half with ten players due to an injury to Alexander Skinner Jackson, equalised in the final minute. The roar that followed the goal was so loud that Jackson, who was a mile away in the Glasgow Victoria Infirmary, could tell that Scotland had scored.

© Alan Dunlop

© Flickr: IdlersArtwork

© Flickr: IdlersArtwork

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