London Stadium


* Address: London
* Country: United Kingdom
* Capacity: 66,000
* Opened: 2011
* Main use: Football
* Tenants: West Ham United (football)

Extra stadium info – London Stadium

The construction costs of the stadium, which was one of the Games of the Olympiad venues in 2012, were £486 million. It was renovated between 2013 and 2016. The stadium is known as a venue for several events, like athletics, baseball, concerts, football and motorsport. In 2019, 59,000 people attended the first-ever Major League Baseball match in Europe at the London Stadium. The New York Yankees won the game against the Boston Red Sox. West Ham United Football Club, one of the first sports clubs from London with 1 million followers on its main social media page, have been tenants of the venue since 2016. They drew an average attendance of 56,000 in 19 home games in their first-ever Premier League season at the venue.

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