Stade Ernest-Wallon


* Address: Toulouse
* Country: French Republic
* Capacity: 19,000
* Opened: 1982
* Main use: Rugby league, rugby union
* Tenants: Stade toulousain (rugby union) TO XIII (rugby league)

Extra stadium info – Stade Ernest-Wallon

The construction of the Stade Ernest-Wallon, which is also known as a venue for rugby league, started in 1978. Stade toulousain and TO XIII use the stadium for home games. Stade toulousain was founded in 1907 and TO XIII was founded in 1937. Stade toulousain lost their first-ever final of the French top-flight rugby union competition in 1909. They won the French top-flight rugby union competition in 1912 for the first time in their history. Stade toulousain were crowned French rugby union champions numerous times. The club is among the first French sports clubs with 100,000 followers on its main social media page.

© Philippe Rousset

© Yoan Bermudes

© Flickr: Jyce23

© Flickr: Jyce23

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