Stade de la Beaujoire – Louis Fonteneau


* Address: Nantes
* Country: French Republic
* Capacity: 35,000
* Opened: 8 May 1984
* Main use: Football
* Tenants: FC Nantes (football)

Extra stadium info – Stade de la Beaujoire – Louis Fonteneau

The stadium hosted 1998 FIFA World Cup matches of the national football teams of Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Japan, Morocco, Nigeria, Spain, the United States and Yugoslavia. FC Nantes, one of the first French sports clubs with 100,000 followers on its main social media page, are the tenants. The club was founded in 1943. FC Nantes are among the first sports clubs from the French Republic with a value of $100 million and they won the French top-flight football league several times. The former Argentine forward Emiliano Sala played several years for FC Nantes. In January 2019, he signed with Cardiff City FC from Wales for a club record fee. The same month, Sala died in a plane crash. He was flying from Nantes to Cardiff. FC Nantes paid tribute to Emiliano Sala ahead of a top-flight match against Nîmes Olympique.

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