Merkur Arena


* Address: Stadionplatz 1, Graz
* Country: Austria
* Capacity: 16,000
* Opened: 9 July 1997
* Main use: Football
* Tenants: Sturm Graz (football)

Extra stadium info – Merkur Arena

The stadium, which was one of the 2011 IFAF World Championship venues, opened as the Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Stadion. In 2005, an intense discussion began in Graz about what to do with the stadium that bore the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger after he did not stop the execution of Stanley Williams as the governour of California. The world famous Arnold Schwarzenegger revoked the city of Graz’s right to the use of his name, which ended the debate.

© Flickr: Football-Austria

© Flickr: Football-Austria

© Rosi Schuessler

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