United Kingdom


united kingdom

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* Capital: London
* GDP per capita: $39,000
* Population: 66 million

Sports clubs with an average home league attendance of at least 20,000

Sports club Location Average Sport
Manchester United Stretford 74,000 Football
Tottenham Hotspur London 67,000 Football
Arsenal London 59,000 Football
Celtic Glasgow 57,000 Football
West Ham United London 56,000 Football
Liverpool FC Liverpool 53,000 Football
Manchester City Manchester 53,000 Football
Newcastle United Newcastle upon Tyne 51,000 Football
Rangers Glasgow 49,000 Football
Chelsea London 41,000 Football
Everton Liverpool 38,000 Football
Aston Villa Birmingham 32,000 Football
Leeds United Leeds 31,000 Football
Leicester City Leicester 31,000 Football
Brighton & Hove Albion Brighton 30,000 Football
Southampton FC Southampton 30,000 Football
Stoke City Stoke-on-Trent 29,000 Football
Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolverhampton 28,000 Football
Derby County Derby 27,000 Football
Sunderland AFC Sunderland 27,000 Football
Sheffield United Sheffield 26,000 Football
Crystal Palace London 25,000 Football
Middlesbrough FC Middlesbrough 25,000 Football
Norwich City Norwich 25,000 Football
Sheffield Wednesday Sheffield 25,000 Football
Huddersfield Town Huddersfield 24,000 Football
Nottingham Forest West Bridgford 24,000 Football
West Bromwich Albion West Bromwich 24,000 Football
Leicester FC Leicester 22,000 Rugby union
Birmingham City Birmingham 21,000 Football
Bristol City Bristol 20,000 Football
Burnley FC Burnley 20,000 Football
Cardiff City Cardiff 20,000 Football
Swansea City Swansea 20,000 Football
Watford FC Watford 20,000 Football