Al-Jazira Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium


* Address: East Road, Abu Dhabi
* Country: United Arab Emirates
* Capacity: 42,000
* Opened: 1980
* Main use: Football
* Tenants: Al-Jazira (football)

Extra stadium info – Al-Jazira Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium

The venue, which opened with a capacity of 15,000, hosted various home games of the national football team of the United Arab Emirates. They played their first-ever FIFA World Cup match in 1990. Al-Jazira, one of the first sports clubs from the Arab states of the Persian Gulf with a value of $10 million, use the stadium for home games. They won the top-flight football league of the United Arab Emirates in 2011 for the first time in their history. Al-Jazira drew an average attendance of 15,000 in 11 home matches in that domestic league season.

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© Flickr: MichaelGT

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