Kigali Stadium


* Address: Kigali
* Country: Rwanda
* Capacity: 22,000
* Opened:
* Main use: Football
* Tenants: APR (football), Rayon Sports (football)

Extra stadium info – Kigali Stadium

APR FC and Rayon Sports, the first sports clubs from Rwanda with 10,000 followers on their main social media page, are the tenants of the Kigali Stadium. In 2009, APR became the first football club from Rwanda with 10 domestic top-flight league titles. One year later, Ernstus Wilhelmus Johannes Brandts signed with the club to become the new manager. The former Dutch defender became the first person who signed with APR FC who played in a FIFA World Cup final. Brandts played in the 1978 FIFA World Cup final, which was won by the Argentine Republic after beating the Netherlands 3-1. He won the UEFA Cup final with the Dutch side PSV from Eindhoven a few weeks before he lost the FIFA World Cup final. In 2012, after Brandts won his second top-flight league title with APR FC, he moved to the Young Africans in Tanzania.

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