Stade des Martyrs de la Pentecôte


* Address: Boulevard Triomphal, Kinshasa
* Country: DR Congo
* Capacity: 125,000
* Opened: 1994
* Main use: Football
* Tenants:

Extra stadium info – Stade des Martyrs de la Pentecôte

The stadium is known as a venue for several events, like athletics, boxing, concerts, football and religious gatherings. When it opened, it replaced the stadium which opened as the Stade Roi Baudouin as the largest sports venue by capacity in Kinshasa. The stadium which was known as the Stade Roi Baudouin hosted The Rumble in the Jungle in 1974, one of the most famous boxing matches. The boxing legend Muhammad Ali, the first former professional boxer from the United States with 10 million followers on his main social media page, won the game after defeating George Foreman in front of tens of thousands of fans.

The Stade des Martyrs de la Pentecôte used to be known as the Stade Kamanyola. It hosted football matches with attendances above 100,000. The national football team of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, nicknamed Les Léopards, played numerous games at the Stade des Martyrs de la Pentecôte. They were known as the national football team of Zaire and they played their first-ever FIFA World Cup match in 1974 against Scotland. The national football team of Scotland won the game in front of 25,000 fans in Dortmund.

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