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Welcome to World of Stadiums, the ultimate guide to stadiums from all over the world. Our database has information about 2,064 stadiums with a capacity of at least 10,000. We also have tables with sports clubs with an average home attendance for the league in which they played most of their games. The most recently finished league seasons are used. Check our Facebook page for past stadiums and pre-renovation stadiums. World of Stadiums offers information about the most valuable sports clubs and sports clubs on social media. We also have a page with stadiums visited by the World of Stadiums webmaster. A page with the football clubs with at least one title of the tournament which is now known as the FIFA Club World Cup is also included. The tournament is the club world championship for the most popular sport in the world. You can contact us for comments, questions or anything else related to our site www.worldofstadiums.com.

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